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Dr. Jack Livesey, an Associate Dentist at Visage Dental, who has been an essential member of our team for several years offers a bespoke approach to cosmetic composite bonding known as MADEsmile.

The development of this revolutionary composite bonding technique has transformed the way we provide composite bonding services to our patients, allowing us to deliver more efficient, effective, and lasting from 5 to 10 years, similar to that of porcelain veneers. MADEsmile bonding has quickly gained recognition in the dental world and is changing the way dentists approach composite bonding procedures.

MADESmile composite bonding involves using multiple layers of composite to minic the natural anatomy of a tooth to enhance the appearance of the teeth and make them look more life like.

This method is carried out over a two day period to our patients ensuring improved colour stability, more stain resistance than conventional composite bonding which consists of composite built in as layers.

Jack’s MADEsmile bonding technique has been instrumental in helping us establish our practice as a leader in dental innovation and excellence proving a great alternative to our patients.

We provide MADEsmile makeovers at Visage Dental from £450 per tooth. Our treatment plans are customised to suit your needs and budget, with an array of payment plans available to ensure this treatment is accessible to everyone.

To see more cases head over to Jack’s Instagram page for some amazing transformations.

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